Where Is Our Leader?


You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -Fuller


     If we are raising our beloved Afrikan children to be true revolutionaries, we must realize we are sending them to fight a war of greed, hate, capitalism and domination that may ultimately destroy them. We are sending our children out to be martyrs, not to be safe 9-5ers working at the bank or as a teacher. We are sending them out to create African banks and African schools. We are raising them to topple white supremacy that reigns across this Earth, from South Africa to Alabama to Papua New Guinea to London.

   Who wants to willingly be a revolutionary when our past revolutionaries were silenced, intimidated, imprisoned, tortured and assassinated or sent into exile? Who wants to knowingly inflict pain and suffering upon themselves in the possibly futile hope that the African nation may rise out of poverty and oppression and inequality. That we may participate in world trade, in government and in thriving communities? Is it such a futile hope that there is a revolutionary man or woman out there who can light the torch and lead the masses, because the masses are ready to be mobilized and a leader will rise.

   And once this happens, we must be ready to possess a revolutionary spirit and to unite, and show the world that we will get freedom, by any means necessary.


2 thoughts on “Where Is Our Leader?”

  1. Greetings sister.

    Just discovered your blog. Forward! I am writing you from the Namibia, in the land of our Mothers and Fathers. Keep on Marching and know that world wide, in this isolation and fragmentation, we keep pushing. The work of rebuilding and awakening has to be slow and thorough if it is to be effective and corrective so we must keep on no matter how long it takes. We must do it right. Hope to hear from you and hope we develop networks towards the re-membering of our being. aHA Tw (take care).

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    1. Greetings,
      Thank you, sister from Namibia. I am in Canada! Your words are very empowering, that message helps a lot! Take care



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