A Break

   I am going to be in a bubble for a little while, tending to my garden and son, and avoiding the tragedies of the world, the fight for African Liberation and discussions regarding those inequalities because it’s too much. I’m tired of casually browsing Twitter and hearing about another brother shot down by cops, I’m tired of the hatred spewing about the BLM movement from the media, including my own local newspapers. I’m tired of reading books that inform me of the unfairness and treatment of my people in years before I came to exist. In order to be self-determined and be able to continue to be conscious of the struggle, I need a break.

   I’m going to Toronto to see my family, eat West Indian food and focus on enjoying the hot summer days for a little while. I don’t want to shed any more tears at night. Not for a little bit. I’ll come back with a bit more clarity and resolve, once I can work through the cloud of anger and pain in front of my eyes. I’m going to celebrate my birthday, take my driver’s test and read books about castles and spaceships. Sometimes, it’s just too much.


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