Alton Sterling


If we are silent about our pain, they will kill us and say we enjoyed it ” Zora Neale Hurston

  I am beginning to suspect the cold-blooded murders of Black people in the United States is nothing short of provocation for civil war. It feels like they want us to get roused up, find a bat or knife and attack White people. So they have necessary reason to exterminate us like meaningless flies on a windowsill. Every bone in my body wants to run over those two rookie cop weasels again and again, because it is obviously–painfully obvious–that this was a racially based murder and these officers were quoted saying they feel fully justified by using deadly force.

   I don’t know what to do. Are we ready for a civil war? No. Like Lauryn Hill says in her song, we lose before we even begun to play. It’s a suicidal mission for us individually, and It’s genocide collectively. But the unneccessary murders of our Black people by police cannot just be a simple tragedy.

   We are angry, exasperated, fearful, enraged and we are hurting by these deaths. We are in pain. I am in pain. Watching the video and reading the facts of what went down broke my heart, made me enraged and turned my eyes into fiery coals. I have a 37 year old brother. It could’ve been him. What are we supposed to do? Self-preserve ourselves in this state of imprisonment and oppression, or fight back and let rivers of our blood wash away the old, cleanse out our tormented souls and begin anew. Hoping, someday, our Black skin does not mark us for death. For hate. For ridicule. For oppression. Black skin is what got you murdered, Alton. R.I.P. 


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