A Martyr, A Warrior


Our blood reeks of royalty” Korryn Gaines

   I do not know why Queen K has touched me so profoundly. It is my birthday and I ask myself, why do some get to live another year while others have to rot in the dirt, six feet under? Maybe it’s because I am a mom of a little boy. Maybe it’s because I see her strength. She is a warrior, she is young, Black and proud.  I shed tears last night. I  read as much of her words as I could possibly found before it was deleted or obscured, I resonated with her.


  I have been angry, dismal and bitter. I know so many people in the conscious community feel the same way. We are tired. We are weary. I am tired and weary. I’m sick of this and I returned to my regular life here in Canada after hearing about Trayvon, Sandra, Michael. I swallowed the hurt and continued on because bills have to be paid and life goes on.

  But wait. Korryn Gaines is looking a little too much like me. This is hitting too close to home. This could be you. This could be me. And life can’t go on as it did previously, just hoping some day that the hatred and murder of Black flesh will magically cease. It won’t. And we, Black folks and all comrades, cannot take reactionary measures. We must organize. We must do something.

   Queen K has been murdered for resisting the White Supremacist powers and she is nothing short of a revolutionary, a martyr and a warrior. If I go down, I hope to go down like her. I’m not going to pretend racism isn’t a systematic problem. I’m going to fight it. Perhaps not with a shotgun, but symbolically yes, it is time we fight back. It is time we get up and do something. Our army must rise.


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