Where Is Our Defiant Spirit?

   Immediately upon learning about Queen K, my mind went to Assata Shakur. And in this Feministing article drawing a parallel between the great Shakur and our resistance soldier Korryn Gaines, it really begs the question: are we willing to do what is necessary for Black liberation? Are we ready If Shakur was in the States, she’s be dead or locked up again. For fighting for her right to live while Black. For resisting white Supremacy.

   I’ll admit, things are not as scary in Canada as they are in the States. I’ve never felt any physical threat while being Black, although the oppression and racism is palpable. It is still mild and polite compared to the US. And firearms are illegal in Canada, as well. But we must pick up our proverbial firearms nonetheless because look at the conditions we are live in. Nothing has changed for the masses, even though I see young Black men in BMWs and Black families in detached houses in the suburbs. We still do not own  businesses, we are not in control of our communities and organizations and we are not organized. Therefore, we cannot dismantle white domination in Canada. And we are still targeted for the jail cells and the needle.

   Teaching our children their history, our story is important. If anything, it is imminent at this point. We are relatively safe in Canada, but as long as Black flesh continues to grow cold at the hands of white supremacist America, or another Black child starves in Brazil, or a flood wipes out a portion of Nigeria, we cannot accept that it’s all good. There is a fight to be fought whether we are on the front lines like Korryn Gaines, or whether you’re sitting comfortable in a condo with a rooftop terrace, we all must be fearless and defiant until we are no longer oppressed. And the end of Black oppression comes with a price. That price just may be blood.


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