The Darker The Berry

PC: @beybe_baby IG

  To be a pure African is to not have the undiluted blood that some of us in the Diaspora have due to intermingling with colonizers and slaveowners, due to rape and due to the free choice of choosing a marriage partner of a different origin. Our skin is important. If we keep lightening and lightening it, Black is really going to be yellow and golds. I want my own children to be pure African, much darker than my brown skin tone because I have diluted African blood. 

    To not want to be dark chocolate, richly hued black in skin tone is to believe that black is not beautiful, not divine, not worthy. And Black, very black, is beautiful, divine, worthy and pure. This is about colorism. We all know there is a large fixation with beautiful biracial people. But what about upholding the belief that very dark Africans are also as beautiful and worthy? 

   In order to look in the mirror and see our ancestors, and look at our children and see Mother Africa, we cannot create the image of the European. We have to create the image of the African. The African’s image is not flawed, it is not defected, and it is not inferior. Our features are beautiful and unique, they rightfully belong to us and we should think long and hard before we decide to let them disappear in the name of a looser curl and a lighter eye. 

   Our Black girls are as beautiful and unique as their biracial counterparts. It is up to us, the Black community, to let them know they are   admired and accepted as the standard of African beauty–they are the pinnacle of Black beauty. All Blackness is derived from them. We have to teach our Black boys they don’t need to look like white boys. They are handsome and strong and worthy. Our goal as a Black community is to intermingle with each other and make our babies African again. 

Peace and love!


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