The African Disillusions of My Youth


I am an African who had their scales fall from their eyes

Traumatised from the revelation behind their lies

Of “You can be anything you want to be”

And “Follow your dreams”;

I mean, look what happened to Dr King

Follwing those smooth slithering serpents’ doctrines.

While I’m climbing on the rough side of this mountain

Living off the miseducated high; drunk off the “Whites only” fountain,

That Koolaid tasted fresh but my anger cannot be quenched

By the bleaching of my flesh and the injustice paraded in the press.

It doesn’t matter that I have the IQ of Einstein

If I have to reason and prove to “them” that I am mankind.

You see, my energy is spent marching the streets, picking up bricks

For my rights not be poisoned, my melanin not to be stripped.

So what if I have my masters, I still have to work in…

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