Create or Compound?

I have lived in a small, rural white town east of Toronto  (I’m from Toronto )  for the past 2 years. It is not easy as a Black woman living here. It is so bad racially that I have made a decision to homeschool my son .  I also started a POC and Indigenous Peoples Homeschool Co-op that already has 4 families and 10 children .  Is it better to create a Black inclusive community in a white town or just stay in your diverse city?

I noticed that I keep seeing more Black families in town. If there are places for them to congregate, it would make it easier to connect .  Something like a POC Meet Up. The university is what draws a lot of professional Black families here.  Refugees bring some ,  and others like me migrate here because cities like Toronto ,  Vancouver and Montreal are too expensive .

Politically, I’m a liberal ,  progressive feminist and fiercely pro-Black. Kingston is a good fit for Black conservatives who make good money, want to send their kids to “good” schools and sacrifice their Black identity in the meantime .  I’m not particularly excited to meet these types, and they seem bewildered (embarrassed ? ) to see me too.

Establishing Black roots in a predominantly White town can seem fruitless at first. You never know who you’ll be connecting or what solace you are providing to an isolated Black person or family by simply organizing .

There probably won’t be Jamaican patties and barbershops blasting soca anytime soon here, but a place to feel at home is what everyone deserves .


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